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In the current economic climate we have been forced to sharpen our business focus

With this short sentence, Nokia just announced that it would stop selling phones altogether and end all marketing activities in Japan, reveals.

Researchers, for an approximate headcount of 350, will continue their work in the country, as the Finnish company certainly cannot afford to completely lose touch with Japan, a country at the forefront of the mobile business.

Nokia will also bring it’s high-end premium cellphone brand, Vertu, and might even create a virtual network using NTT DoCoMo’s backbone, as it was announced a few days ago.

With a market share of 1%, paltry sales in this very mature market and the economic recession looming, the number one cellphone maker was undoubtedly forced to take a bold decision, notwithstanding the huge sums it has invested to penetrate the market.

Is Japan such a different market that even the number one cellphone maker cannot succeed ?

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