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The range of Windows Mobile devices continues to expand in Japan with the announcement of the HTC Dual Diamond S22H from Emobile.

It comes of course with wifi, bluetooth, camera, SDHC card slot and black or white flashy design characteristic of the latest HTC devices.

The real differentitor of this device is the addition of a 10-key keyboard in addition to the slide out QWERTY keyboard. It’s a non-touch screen device running Windows Mobile Standard 6.1.

Input options on mobile devices including soft 10-key, hard 10-key, Blackberry style front face hard QWERTY, slide out QWERTY and soft QWERTY. No one configuration or combination of configurations suit everyone, so it’s great to see users having choice.

As an aside, I’m currently testing out a X05HT HTC Touch Professional due out from Softbank soon and will send out a review in the not too distant future.

Press release: Japanese. Hopefully they’ll have the English up here soon.

Runs on WP Engine