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As reported this evening on Macotakara, the Apple iPhone 1Seg TV Tuner and battery are now available from Softbank outlets here in Japan priced at 9,840 yen (US$109).

As far as the TV function goes, the unit works by converting the incoming TV signal and re-broadcasting it via wifi to the iPhone for display. It’s controlled by the free app Terebi (‘TV’), now available from the Apple App store Japan.

The unit can also be used to power the iPhone 3G. A full charge provides approximately 100 mins of TV viewing on the iPhone – whilst it’s not confirmed yet one would assume that if one wasn’t using the TV app it would give the iPhone a full charge. Charging the TV adapter takes 180 mins via USB port or 120 mins using a USB mains adapter.

The 1Seg TV adapter is a little smaller than the iPhone in terms of surface area, but about 1.5x the thickness.

I’ll be popping out to my local Softbank store tomorrow to take a look, although bearing in mind the amount of rubbish that there is on Japanese TV won’t actually be buying one myself.



Steven Agata over at The Western World has posted his first impressions of the iPhone 1 seg adapater / battery pack, confirming much of the above. I get the impression that this product was rushed out of the design room as quickly as possible – let’s hope we see some improvements to the interface at least as a twitchy app might drive you up the wall.

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