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Splash screenMail Me Angry mushroomsMailMeOne reason cited for the iPhone not taking off in Japan is its lack of an infra-red port, used estensively in Japan to quickly to send contact details / photos etc from one mobile phone to another.

However, thanks to a new QR code generating app released by Sepv Corporation, help is at hand. メールしてね (MailMe) [iTunes ¥115] will take your basic contact details (name, furigana, phone number and email address) and turn them into a QR code, which can then be read and saved as an address book entry by anyone with an AU / DoCoMo / Softbank handset.

At this stage, it’s unclear what the angry mushrooms are all about.

[Update] The app also has a ‘note’ field, allowing one to add a web address, or details of shoe size etc.

[Update] Cailean has kindly pointed out that this app can also create QR codes readable by other iPhones that have the app installed.

The angry mushrooms show that the QR code is DoCoMo freindly, and are replaced by a squirrel and dog for the other two carriers.

…and I can confirm that it works!

Runs on WP Engine