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Today's EarthquakesIf like me you were shaken by this morning’s mini-quake centered 30km below Tokyo, you may be interested in the iPhone app 今日の地震 (‘Today’s Earthquakes’) [Free: iTunes link].

The creators over at say that it will provide data on the latest earthquakes in Japan within ten minutes of them occurring – handy if you’re nowhere near a TV or the Internet.

The app is simplicity itself, the first page showing a list of today’s quakes (and a link to a list of yesterday’s); click on an earthqyake and a detailed page shows the epicentre, time, strength (Japanese scale of 1-7), depth, tsunami status, magnitude (richter scale) and latitude / longitude. There’s also a static image of a google map showing the epicentre location.

A must for anyone who is unnerved by the ground shaking beneath their feet!

Runs on WP Engine