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After only a week on sale in Japan, DoCoMo has temporarily halted sales of the Blackberry Bold. Reporting sales of 4,000 units so far (I personally think that DoCoMo inflates their unit sales figures by a factor of 2) it seems that several users have complained about excessive heat coming from the keyboard.
The Japanese version of the Bold does appear to have some small physical differences to other 9000’s including the Japanese keyboard (Same number of keys, just different markings on the keys) and a quad band 3G modem instead of the previous tri-band. This is a pretty bad hit for RIM in Japan. I would expect sales to resume soon unless a major defect is discovered, but I doubt this will do anything to improve the market penetration for Blackberry.

Impress Keitai Watch: ドコモ、BlackBerry Boldに発熱の不具合で一時販売停止

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