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iPubTogether Virtual Socializing Application Announced (1 April 2009, Tokyo Japan)

As you know the team at Mobile in Japan are huge fans of technology and are always looking for ways to apply technology to better our lives. A few years ago we started getting bored of going to the pub to drink with friends. It took too much time to go out and meet people. But we still enjoyed the pub atmosphere and wanted to come up with a way to create the same social opportunity using mobile technology.

After 2 years of research and development Mobile in Japan is excited to announce the release our first iPhone application iPubTogether.

iPubTogether helps you get together with friends in a genuine pub-like experience, without the need to physically be in the same space. Benefits include:
• Save travel time, money and energy
• Everyone can choose their own favorite location
• Everyone buys their own drinks. No more cheapskates who drink other people’s beer and eat their chips but never buy.

iPubTogether is currently in hyper Alpha mode running on the iPhone 4.0 OS with hidden front end camera. In our early tests below you can see how two people can enjoy a true pub experience.

We are planning to launch the final version on April 1 2010. Each purchase will come with a free voucher for Apple Beer at your local establishment. We look forward to your feedback and changing the way the world socializes with iPubTogether.

Runs on WP Engine