Big day for cellphone announcements. Between the DoCoMo and Softbank, we are looking at 37 new models that will be released this summer.

Here’s a teaser.

From Softbank


Here are the DoCoMo newbies.

dcm09sm-style.jpg dcm09sm-prime.jpg dcm09sm-smart.jpg pro.jpg

Yes, 37 is a lot. But really around 30 of them are basically the same as the previous line. There are a few notable exceptions/omissions.

One of the most interesting phones out this batch is the 936SH from Softbank. It adds a solar charging panel to the face of the phone that can be used to charge the battery. It’s really one of those “it’s about time” features, but worth taking a look at.


For DoCoMo’s first interesting model we have the N06A. A rather drab lookinc phone, but underneath a big suprise. The phone can act as a wi-fi router sharing out a high speed HSDPA cellphone connection. Sure, your monthly bill goes up into the stratosphere, and there are all sorts of restrictions but seriously. Good show!


And yes, the first official Android phone is coming out in Japan via the DoCoMo HT02S. I still think the use of the Magic platform just shows how slow DoCoMo is at adopting new ideas and how little they are committed to their success.


Much more interesting, and yet at the same time absolutely not is the T01A from DoCoMo. A very sexy design to say the least, this is to me the most appealing new smartphone in this batch. Except of course Windows Mobile. Nevemind. Moving along.


The Softbank 933SH will have a 10mp digital camera beating out the 8.1 MP camera that seems to be standard fare this year.


Docomo if finally coming out with more waterproof phones! This is really a must have feature, and I am glad to see more models with it. This time we have the F08A, the P10A, the SH05A,

f08a-pp01s.jpg p10a-gd02s.jpg sh05a-bk01s.jpg

The Softbank 931N add wi-fi and a WVGA touchscreen for your browsing pleasure.

For those who like following the earthquakes in Japan, the Softbank 831N is the first phone to incorporate the new Earthquake notification system (basically a special band of SMS) from Softbank.


Emporio Armani has a cellphone in Japan now. and nobody cares.


And Finally, a Lenovo Netbook with built in 3G module out from Softbank. This customized S10 netbook would be a lot more interesting is Softbank would hurry up and get a reasonable unlimited data plan!


Now we are still waiting for the AU announcement. But I honestly am not expecting much there. I’ll write more about some of the more interesting models when I have had a chance to do more research. Till then, enjoy!