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It’s that time again. Winter lineup for the three major cellphone providers in Japan. That’s 37 new cellphones announced that will be released slowly over the next few months.
I remember the days when i would get very excited by this season, but I must admit to becoming just a bit cynical over the years.
With over 100 new models announced for this market every year, I struggle to think of even a dozen that stick out in my mind. I am concerned that fatigue will seep into consumer thinking and that having to force out so many new designs will breed lazyness into the domestic manufacturers. We’ve already seen this with makers like NEC and Fujitsu.

Rather than review all 37 models, I’ll point you to the breakdowns written by Serkan Toto at TechCrunch. Over the next few days however I’ll feature a few of the cellphones that warrant special notice.

MobileCrunch: Japan gets 11 new cell phones: KDDI’s winter line-up

MobileCrunch: SoftBank’s complete 17 cell phone winter line-up

MobileCrunch: NTT Docomo announces 19 new cell phones

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