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In a world first moment, Docomo plans to release a cellphone with a built in removable QWERTY keyboard.

Scheduled to be released in Spring of 2010, the Fujutsu F04B has a unique design, originally displayed at CEATEC 2008 as a concept model, allowing you to split the keypad from the display portion of the phone. The two sections have independent power and can continue to communicate via bluetooth. ordinarily just a standard numeric keypad, splitting the two sections reveal a full QWERTY keyboard hidden beneath the display. While connected, the two sides create a solid connection, but once separated the y should switch seamlessly into mode. It’s pretty hard to visualize, but thankfully the guys at Impress have posted a great preview review with lots of pictures.

I’m also posting a couple of pics at the bottom of this article demonstrating the mechanism.

The rest of the specs for the phone are pretty impressive including HSDPA 7.2mbps data speeds, VGA screen, 1-Seg mobile TV tunre, and GSM worldphone compatibility with global use GPS. Of course, DoCoMo continues to handicap it’s devices by keeping the barbed wire up around it’s walled garden. In spite of it’s fast data and handheld computer profile, the F04b is still trapped behind the walls of the iMode network, deprived of full web browsing and open applications. DoCoMo’s inability to image a world beyond iMode continues to be the hangup that keeps even technological wonders like this from ever being taken seriously as a next generation phone. DoComo has even admitted to that by placing this phone in it’s “Style” line making it a neat looking phone, but underneath it’s the same old thing.

Still it is an interesting design and I’m sure we’ll see soon if it has the capability of inspiring other who are more worty of the technology.

Photos via Impress Keitai Watch

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