“Sekkaku Bijin Nanoni” Was the phrase I shot at the Toshiba rep at CEATEC while looking at the latest Toshiba smartphone now about to launch on Softbanks network. Loosely translated that means “Pity, she’s very pretty, but…”. The sad, helpless look from the technician confirmed my sentiment.

This isn’t the first time we have seen this device. Released to great fanfare and dismal sales on the Docomo network last year as the T-01A, the Softbank X02T is virtually the same device. A gorgeous slim smartphone with a 4.1 display, slim body that makes it look and feel like the iPhones older and sexier cousin, 1 ghz Qualcomm snapdragon processor, GPS, and HSPA modem makes even me want to “experiment” away from my iPhone for run around the block. But like a Californian beauty queen, its all great until she opens her mouth.

Both Docomo and Softbank are offering this device with Windows Mobile as the operating system. Yes… Really. After only a few minutes playing around with the device I have a very strong feeling that something indeed has gone very, very wrong. Granted, Softbank has upgraded the OS from the pitiful WM 6.1 that ran on the Docomo version to the new and basically just as pitiful WM 6.5.

Sure, there are many who disagree with me that WM is a dead OS, but well, they are all wrong. What else can I say. For anyone who has held an iPhone, Palm Pre, or Android device, picking up the Toshiba for the first time brings a giddy sense that something cool is about to happen. A few minutes later however, after fiddling with the sluggish OS, enduring the plastic overlay touchscreen and contemplating a productivity device with dozens of apps available the verdict is pretty much unanimous

Here are a few more shots and a full review of the device (in Japanese) by Keitai Watch.