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Japan based 30min Inc. has just updated their local navigation app with foursquare check-in features and twitter integration.

Just over a month ago, the Foursquare phenomenon reached Japan and the growth has been explosive with weekly check-ins likely to soon hit six figures.  It was only a matter of time before we started to see similar functionality from local Japanese applications.

First was iButterfly. An Augmented reality game from Dentsu, offering twitter integration a coupons for catching location tagged virtual butterflies.  I am more interested however in the response to this new update from 30min, a popular local assistant app.

The concept behind 30min is things you can do within 30 minutes of your current location.  This service offers restaurant listings, reviews, and photographs, as well as local services and businesses, attractions and events.

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This new update adds a check-in function similar to foursquare and twitter interaction so your followers can track your mealtime check-ins. You will be able to look back at your previous activities log and track check-ins of other users by location.  Particularly in dense cities like Tokyo, these social based recommendation systems are gaining popularity as population of information can outpace more tradition forms of advertisement.

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It should be interesting to see if other services and applications will turn this into a trend of geo-location based social applications.

30min is an iPhone application and you can download it for free from this link. Unfortunately it appears to only be available on the Japan iTunes store and the application catalogs only information on locations in Japan.  There is also an Android app, however these new features have not been added at this time.

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