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Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. You can go to a coffee shop, leave your belongings in a table, go to the toilet and when you come back, everything is right there. Nobody will touch it. Anyway, Japanese do worry about security. There are tons of gadgets and even books to help people increase “security” in their lives. Of course, iPhone applications are not an exception. In fact, just think about it. Do you think that it’s easier to loose your wallet or your iPhone?
Usually you will keep your iPhone in your pocket or in your hands. You will always think about it to check emails, browse the web or you’ll just try to keep it right away in your hands to play some game in spare moments. How many times do you think about your wallet? Usually people think about it, only when they have to use it.

Japan Mobile Inc created an application to keep the content of your wallet safe in your iPhone.
The idea is simple. As soon as you realize that you lost your wallet or think it got robbed, the first thing to do is to block the credit cards, and inform the police about the loss. In that case you will need the following information: credit card number, expiration date, driver’s license number and so forth. Usually nobody remembers this information.

Wallet Guide uses the camera and it has many options to edit the picture. It also organizes the image from the front and back and it has a table to choose what kind of document you want to store.

The application protects this information with a security code, so in case your iPhone gets lost, nobody will be able to get the content.
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