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After what seems like an eternity, Softbank returns to mobile data with the C01HW PocketWifi portable internet router.

Yeah, looks kind of familiar doesn’t it?  It is in fact basically the same as the Huawei D25HW released several months ago by EMobile.

I’m quite happy to see a new offering from Softbank in the data only range, particularly as this may give hints to pricing plans of other data only devices *cough* *iPad* *cough*

Pricing also looks attractive with a minimum monthly charge of 1,000 yen and a maximum of 4,980 yen.  EMobile’s current unlimited data plan tops out at a maximum charge of 5,380 yen.

No info yet on actual device pricing, but I can hope that it is cheaper than EMobile’s extremely high price (The same device is available in Europe for about half the cost).  The C01HW Pocket Wifi will be available in late March.

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