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Yesterday was Softbank Open Day, a celebratory event held for Softbank’s 30th Anniversary and over a thousand lucky lottery winners got to have lunch at the corporate HQ along with President Masayoshi Son and a ton of celebrities. Somehow, my invitation got lost in the mail, but I’m not bitter.

Nope, not bitter at all.

Stupid event, didn’t want to go anyway.

Especially since they announced some pretty big stuff. A partnership with UStream for a broadcast studio and Femto cell products are pretty neat, but the big announcement was the HTC Desire coming to Japan as Softbank’s first Android phone as the X06HT.

Glad to see that they went with this souped up version of the Nexus One.  Almost identical in specs. The Desire swaps the trackball for an optical trackpad, adds the HTC Sense UI and drops the annoying capacitive resistance buttons in lieu of physical buttons.

There is certainly a lot to be optimistic about, but that doesn’t mean Softbank won’t be able to mess it up.  By my count, there has only been one successful smartphone launch in Japan, and while Softbank owns that record, it did so with another company calling all the shots.  It truth, high end products continue to be a weakness for all Japanese telcos and it’s less of a competition than a Three Stooges flick.

The HTC Desire X06HT will be available from Softbank at the end of April.  More details to come.

Photos and info from Impress Keitai Watch (who’s invitation did not get lost it seems)

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