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Both Softbank and NTT Docomo are fighting for dominance over the newest trend in the Japanese mobile market: edible cellphones.

Docomo started the ball off with the SH-04B model.  This chocolate based flip phone comes in two flavors (chocolate and strawberry) and includes features such as GPS, custom ringtones, and choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate center.

Softbank of course had to join this lucrative new market with their Jelly Beans 840SH line.  Taking a hint from Harry Potter, these confection phones come in a wide variety of flavors and come with a soft case to keep the candy shell from making your hands too sticky while you take calls.  The phone also come with an OLED eternal sub display and Adobe flash compatible browser.

There will certainly be more to come in the brave new market and it will be interesting to see how long it will take for other markets to catch on.  Still, after the disaster of the Nokia Herring phone, it could be a while before other manufacturers dive into the mix.

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