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As you may (or may not) know, here at Mobile in Japan, we started as a service to the english-speaking community in Japan by providing a place where people could exchange ideas, support questions and information about everything mobile.

The creation of this blog was only made possible through the backbone of that vibrant community, and, if you’re new to the website, you might not have yet ventured to these forums (you should ;-))

As stories about the iPad in Japan are heating up with a probable release of the device by the end of this month, we’ve created today a dedicated forum for you all to share your iPad stories, but also, like for the other forums, get help from the community directly (like how to get your SIM into that machine, for instance). Note that we also created a dedicated Twitter account to curate iPad Japan news.

We think it might quickly become an interesting place of exchange, the most successful discussion group having so far been the iPhone one. With the upcoming release of Android devices by most of the operators in Japan, we’re still expecting some more movement there as well.

Please let us know what other type of value we could bring you by commenting to this post. Oh, and thanks a million for coming back here daily, we’re all honored.

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