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“Who is my boss” is a new campaign led by DoCoMo to announce something by Tuesday May 11th. What will they announce? Is this a product? a new phone? Is DoCoMo going to get out something that nobody will be able to imagine?

Who is my boss?

This campaign has a story, our friend, Darth Vader is looking for a boss. He is like a ronin looking for a lord that will fit his expectations. Go to and check the website, you will find a funny video of Darth Vader trying to desperately find his boss.
You have to write your name in Japanese characters, then link an image avatar from twitter or your disk and finally you have to make a call to a free dial number and introduce a code that they will provide for just few seconds. If you are not in Japan, forget about the call, you can wait it timeouts and see the same result in the website. Basically, if you call that number, Darth Vader will call you back giving some important messages for your life :-)
If you don’t know how to write your name in Japanese, try this website but remember that Japanese language uses syllables so if your name is “Michael” you have to write it as “Maikeru”.

The campaign is quite aggressive. Darth Vader just invaded all the walls and corners of Shibuya station.

Who is my boss?

The big screens in the Shibuya crossroad constantly show Darth Vader looking for his Boss…

Who is my boss?

Who is my boss?

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Check the website and try to play. Your picture will be included in the video :)

In an attempt to find his boss, Darth knows how to use new technologies and social networking. He has a twitter account and will reply to your questions with a nice link including your avatar:

It’s quite weird to see Darth Vader in every corner, I thought that he won’t make it but finally it seems that he will invade earth soon… :)

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