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Impress Watch is reporting that as of 3:30 pm today, just two days after the iPad opened pre-orders in Japan, retailers in Japan have ceased to accept new pre-orders citing limited supply of the initial shipment.

According to customers who pre-ordered the iPad already, even people with a pre-order are not guaranteed to get an iPad on launch day if stocks are depleted before they pick up thier order.

At the Apple Store in Ginza, customers were told that it additional stock might be available for walk in sales on May 28, but there is no guarantee any additional iPad stock would be available to walk in customers.

Pre-orders are still possible on Apple’s online store, however the estimated shipment date has slipped back from May 29 to June 7.

It is unclear how many iPads will be made available in the initial launch day shipment, but it is increasingly likely that Apple will have a sell-out first day.

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