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With just hours to go until the official launch of the iPad in Japan, we are gearing up for another long night.

Right now, there is a live party going on at Velours in Aoyama.  While the event is closed, there is a Ustream feed that you can catch live now here.

I’ll be heading over in an hour or so to check out the scene and will be sticking around as long as I can, hopefully up to the launch ceremony at the Omotesando Softbank shop at 8am.

Hopefully I will be able to update this blog entry with photos and streaming video on my Ustream channel.

Update 1:20am

It’s iPad day!

OK, so things didn’t go so great at the Velours event.  Think a hundred people crammed in a small club for a tech event with no internet.  Yeah.  Not so great.  I really dislike events held in basements because it cuts off my backup emobile.  But with a hundred # people in one room, most of them with iPhones, what little signal there is available will just be scrambled.  To top it off, the bouncers wouldn’t let anyone outside back into the venue, so I coudn’t do more than a quick video update from the doorway.

I did get some pictures though, so here they are.

Hostess and MC for the event was Yuu Kashii, an actress and model.

One of the main attractions for the event was speaker Nobi Hayashi. His book, iPas Shock should be hitting shelves soon, but he had a few advance copies to hand out.



Lots of iPad accessories on display. Particularly interesting were the cases and accessories by Tunewear and Simplism

Since the party was a bit of a bust, I walked up the street to the Softbank Omotesando store where there were plenty of people in line. This turns out to be one of the few locations in Tokyo that will have a small amount of extra iPad stock so people in the line can get an iPad, even without a reservation. It will just cost you a nights sleep.

The line starts here



Gizmodo guys at it again. This time iPad style

End of the line

Currently the Softbank store is completely hidden by large blue tarps. There is a lot of work going on inside as they get ready to meet the rush of customers tomorrow as well as introduce the new product.

With not much else going on, I’m going to take a few hours break. Will be back tomorrow morning with the opening ceremony.

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