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* Updated with official press release. details and participating countries/carriers.

This has been mentioned by Softbank President Masayoshi Son several times over the last few months, but finally details are starting to leak out about an unlimited data plan for international roaming.


While there has been no official release of information from Softbank PR, Japanese Apple weblog Ringo Sanco is reporting that the plan will be set at 1,980 yen ($22 US) per day. However, in a special promotion, until June 30, 2011, the service will be offered for only 1,480 ($16.5 USD) per day. Softbank subscribers using an X-Series smartphone, Disney phone, iPhone, or iPad 3G will be able to apply for the plan from July 21 of this year.

While speaking at a press conference at the launch of the iPhone 4 in Japan, Son spoke of how much he enjoyed using twitter and other online services, and how addictive they have become. While traveling abroad, customers using devices like the iPad could run the risk of gigantic bills resulting from even minimal data usage while roaming. This plan, while certainly not cheap, will make it easy for business travelers and vacationers to use data heavy devices and easily calculate the costs. Also with VoIP services like Skype now offering voice communication over 3G data, communications costs while traveling can be minimized while still offering robust options.

We’re still waiting for final confirmation on this information, as well as details regarding enrollment instructions and effected countries.  Stay tuned for more.

* Update 6/28 20:00: Softbank has issued a press release with details on the international roaming data plan here.  It confirms the information posted previously and adds information on participating countries.

  • United States (AT&T)
  • Australia (Vodafone)
  • Guam (Pulse Mobile)
  • New Zealand (Vodafone)
  • Indonesia (XL)
  • South Korea (SK Telecom)
  • Singapore (Singtel)
  • Thailand (AIS)
  • Taiwan (Taiwan Mobile/VIBO)
  • China (China Unicom)
  • Phillipines (Globe Telecom)
  • Hong Kong (CSL)
  • Malaysia (Celcom)
  • Ireland (Vodafone)
  • Albania (Vodafone)
  • England (Vodafone)
  • Italy (Vodafone)
  • Netherlands (Vodafone)
  • Greece (Vodafone)
  • Spain (Vodafone)
  • Czechoslovakia (Vodafone)
  • Germany (Vodafone)
  • Turkey (Vodafone)
  • Hungary (Vodafone)
  • France (SFR)
  • Portugal (Vodafone)
  • Malta (Vodafone)
  • Romania (Vodafone)
  • Egypt (Vodafone)

Another piece of interesting information is that it appears the cap is raised for a maximum of 2,980 yen per day for video downloads.  I’m not sure I like the sound of that, but more information should be forthcoming.

iPhone photo by Gonzalo Baeza Hernández’s

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