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[EDIT: 22nd July 2010 10:30am]

Many thanks to all who tuned in to support us during our climb of Mt. Fuji. It all went extremely well on the mountain, and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback through the networks since returning to Tokyo.

Curated photos and videos will be posted to in due course.


Over the next 24 hours,  a group of 10 intrepid explorers led by @tamegoeswild will be making their way up the slopes of Mt. Fuji. At 3,776m the rim of this dormant volcano crater is the highest point in Japan.

Join them as they push the temporary NTT mobile data network to the limit with live streaming video, Twitter messages and GPS updates.

Take Part!

With them they have the Rinkya iPad of Stamina – this will be displaying all tweets containing @tamegoeswild – so send in your message now and offer them encouragement them as they battle up (and then down) the volcanic slopes. Have a request for a song, dance, Haiku recitation or purchase from one of the vending machined at the top? Send them in – all welcome!

Pocket Wifi and network access kindly provided by NTT DoCoMo. Direct-to-the-net Cerevo Cam kindly provided by the makers.

Thank you to @stevenagata for additional tech support.
Photo by Matsunuma.

See more videos archived throughout the day at

Online video chat by Ustream

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Live Stream Schedule

The live event, which will take place right here on Mobile in Japan, is planned as follows:

Tuesday 20th July

  • 11:00 JST (02:00 UTC, 03:00 BST) – Live stream starts from minibus en-route to Mt. Fuji from Tokyo
  • 12:00 JST (03:00 UTC, 04:00 BST) – We start climbing Mt. Fuji (from station 5 on the Yoshida-Guchi trail)
  • 18:00 JST (09:00 UTC, 10:00 BST) – arrive at Mountain hut, station 8 (about an hour below the summit) – provide entertainment, stay the night there.
  • 03:00 JST (Wed in Japan, Tue in UK/ US (18:00 UST, 19:00 BST) Wake up, head for the summit
  • 04:30 JST (19:30 UTC, 20:30 BST) Sunrise from the summit, party on the roof of Japan, walk around the crater
  • 09:00 JST (12:00 UTC, 01:00 BST) Descend to the van, return to Tokyo.
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