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All fans rejoice, the 945SHG Ver.GP30th RX-78-2 is out.

Pardon me? The 945SHG Ver.GP30th RX-78-2?

The Gundam phone, in short. It’s just Softbank sticking with a very clear keitai line-up, you know.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the figurines (and the 31st year of the show) and Bandai partnered with the #3 carrier in Japan to give you that mecha extravaganza.

The phone itself is a modified Sharp, coming with a 12.1 megapixel and HD video capable camera and a HDMI-out to connect it to your brand new HDTV. Not sure the TV will handle the power of Gundam, though.

Like many of today’s offering in Japan, the phone has 1seg, the mobile terrestrial digital TV service, GPS and Bluetooth. Again, stuff that Gundam doesn’t need. He’s mightier.

The phone is waterproof though. Gundam doesn’t need to shower.

Good news for those gaijins having trouble reading Japanese, the phone can be switched to English. Now, I don’t know if Gundam would actually like that. Thread carefully here. You’ve been warned.

The coolest thing might be the cradle it comes with. The 1:100 scale Gundam will overlook your phone while you recharge it. Err, …while you do stuff that animate your Gundam with the state-of-the-art UI. Or something.

Comes with decals too. Don’t ask me why.

More info in Japanese on the official website. And the phone has a Twitter account too.

Even though I had to fight Danny Choo last time I went to see the Gundam in 1:1 scale, I can’t wait going to Shizuoka with fellow Mobile in Japan’er Steve Nagata to check the new one later this month.

Gundam Fight

That new Gundam has got a light saber. But no phone.

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