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Do you like the idea of blogging using your phone and your voice? No more typing in a tiny keyboard. It’s possible using Bubble Motion technology.
After a great success in India, with more than 2 million users, Bubble Motion’s platform of voice blogging announced that it comes to Japan thanks to KDDI.

It’s called Koe-now コエなう, still in beta. Koe in Japanese means voice and “now” written in the Hiragana syllabary as なう (nau) reminds the way Japanese use the informal phonetic version of the English word in twitter. Japanese is a very graphical language and characters can represent much more meaning than the phonetic version. Using なう in the name is a clear way to call the attention of twitter users, whose number is huge in Japan.


Celebrities will be the main stream, recording their messages at any moment so their fans can feel more in contact with them. Specially in a country where idols and celebrities have loyal fans.

Will this service try to compete directly with Twitter?
How will KDDI integrate this into other social networks?

More information at コエなう home page

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