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The Mobile Marketing Association Forum in Singapore is right around the corner.

I was there last year, along with a few other executives focused on Japan and it was a highlight of my 2010 conference circuit. Hence and even if I had to cancel my speaking engagement this year (sorry Rohit!), I’d like to recommend this event to all of you interested in the mobile business across Asia Pacific.

The event will take place on May 4 & 5, preceded by a full day of workshops on the 3rd, all at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. Representatives of companies ranging from Dentsu to Alcatel-Lucent, from Google to Ogilvy will certainly ensure that the full mobile prism is covered, from brands to telcos.


Got what it takes for The Pitch?

A new addition to the program caught my eye. Called The Pitch, it will allow six companies to demonstrate in six minutes how disruptive their service is. No Powerpoint –hallelujah!–, no presentation, just raw convincing. I like that.

Three benefits of taking part in The Pitch
#1. Visibility is important.
Some of the best products never make it to market, because no one sees them, and with ever-rising levels of competition in the current economic climate, becoming invisible is the best way to lose out. Get the edge on the competition, and make your pitch.
#2. The audience is focused.
The very nature of MMAF attracts an audience that is going to be interested in your product or service, particularly if you can emphasize its mobile technology angle. Why try to make yourself heard over the crowd, when you can talk to the right audience right here.
#3. Short, sharp and to the point.
The show and tell format of The Pitch strips away a lot of the unnecessary fluff, and instead puts your innovation front and centre. The fast pace of the event also helps to keep things moving along – and keeps the audience of top executives captivated, and interested.

The committee is still considering candidates, so if you think that you got what it takes, just submit yours.

So what are you waiting for?

Register with the  following code to get a 10% discount: P21317TWMMA

If you do go, let me know in the comments. If not, you’ll be able to get live updates on Twitter via @MMA_APAC and #MMAF.

On a personal note, I’m particularly sad to be missing Tomi Ahonen –the mobile uber-twitter. I mean, besides being a great guy, just check his blog. I promise I’ll try to make it again next year.

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