Joseph had covered a few language apps over two posts last year (see part 1 and part 2). Here’s a new one.

Midori is a Japanese/English dictionary useful if you are studying Japanese or if you find yourself lost in translation. This app is especially convenient for students, mainly for the following key features when studying Japanese:

    • Fast searching for translation terms. Whereas a lack of speed exists in many Japanese dictionaries, this app performs very well;


    • Kanji details are shown with an animation for the correct strokes drawing order;



    • A large number of examples using the searched word, which is great for learning purposes;


    • finally: bookmarks, kanji lists based on JLPT and a translation mode that automatically separates searchable words from particles.

In a nutshell, the strong point of this app is its speed and an easy, clean and minimalistic interface. Added bonus for the translation mode, really helpful to do searches of terms from an article.

Apple Store link