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Horace Dediu and Dirk Schmidt for Asymco:

It’s one thing to suggest that Nintendo consoles have “failed”, it’s another to show that Nintendo consoles and portables have failed, and yet another to show that two competitors in the games business seem to be failing in unison across all their product lines.  The cyclicality is also over a long period of time: The peak for the combined Sony/Nintendo was in 2008, five years ago.

There’s a strong debate in Japan about whether portable gaming consoles are failing and whether a household name like Nintendo should start releasing games for iOS/Android. Or simply put, is Nintendo doomed by not going mobile?  The Japanese gaming market is clearly different and seen in isolation, the picture is murkier than the analysis above. Globally though, one can feel that the peak of portable console gaming might very well be behind us —Japanese corporations are sometimes slow to adapt to global trends though.

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