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From IT Media:

According to the survey targeting current iPhone owners, 47.3% say they won’t buy a new iPhone. 39.5% will wait and see as they are undecided. 11.6% will upgrade to the iPhone 5s, 1.4% to the iPhone 5c . 0.2% said they would buy both.1

Although it’s only a quick internet survey, it’s interesting to see the relative disinterest for the iPhone 5c. Obviously, respondents might have skewed towards a geek crowd, who know that the 5c is only marginally better than the current 5. But I believe that the 5c is a phone for first-time iPhone buyers , and those who haven’t upgraded to the 5.

The survey points out that the two main reasons behind the unwillingness to upgrade are a perceived absence of true difference with the iPhone 5 and the lock-in into a 2-year contract2

  1. liberal translation mine 

  2. only au/KDDI has publicized its trade-in plans to this day. 

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