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Nikkei BP Consulting:

Combining the results of our study with demographic data, it can be estimated that smartphones have a 28.2% penetration rate in Japan .1

Although I’ve always felt that the lines could be blurry between what constitutes “a conventional feature phone” and a smartphone, the study found that almost 60% of people still owned the former, while around 33% had upgraded to a smartphone. The remainder own two or more phones —and the vast majority at least one smartphone.

Interestingly, in terms of satisfaction—a basket of fee structure, services, features, call quality, etc.—, au/KDDI comes on top followed by SoftBank. DOCOMO, usually seen has having the best overall network when you ask snap questions, is lagging. If you narrow the questioning down to satisfaction towards smartphones, SoftBank comes on top, a proof that its smartphone strategy has been right all along.

Last but not least, the study looked a mobile payment—from mobile wallets to app stores, music or online mobile shopping. The results are staggering: mobile transactions amount to more than USD 42bn in Japan  (of which online shopping comprises of half). That’s a 71% increase year-on-year.

And NFC-based transaction amount for a fourth of those.


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