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Mona Nomura, on Twitter:

they don’t install — just bookmark on Safari.

Like we see here with Mona and Joseph talking about DOCOMO’s customer on-boarding, DOCOMO did not get any customization at all on the iPhone —what it kept saying was the reason for them not to get the iPhone.

I never believed in the rumors that the carrier would get a logo1. Along with Serkan Toto, I had conjectured that they would maybe attempt to install an app upon signing-up at the store, although it would have created a nightmare of creating iCloud accounts for every new customer (or use existing ones for those already signed up), politely insisting that the customer installs the app, etc.

In the end, DOCOMO only adds a bookmark on Safari in the iPhone .

On a related note, the carrier’s dedicated smartphone service, SP-mode, is far from functional with the iPhone. No phonebook backup, no payment gateway and users are reporting that the dedicated DOCOMO email is having issues, although it should be IMAP/POP compatible.

Here’s the aforementioned Twitter conversation between Mona Nomura and Joseph Tame:

  1. this rumor was strong in Japan for a while 

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