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The purchase intention for an iPhone on DOCOMO is 10%

So, across all demographics surveyed, 10% of Japanese intend to buy the iPhone on DOCOMO . By itself, that doesn’t mean much. One could read “only” 10%, another “a solid” 10%.

What I find the most interesting in that survey is elsewhere: 20.3% of current smartphone owners—read Android—would like to switch to the iPhone on DOCOMO.

21% of the carrier’s own subscribers are willing to go iPhone, darn close from surveys over the years that have shown that around a quarter of the carrier’s subscribers wanted the iPhone. And, no less than 28.3% of DOCOMO Android owners want to switch to the iPhone .

Moreover, and as the research suggests, the iPhone could also be very potent for first time smartphone buyers on the network. The intent for this segment hovers around 19% now, but subscribers transitioning from a feature phone could see the iPhone as reassuring , thanks to the incredible reputation of the phone in Japan.

Another interesting titbit: 5.4% of au/KDDI users would like to switch to DOCOMO, 8.2% from SoftBank—but 11.8% of the carrier’s iPhone users.

Finally, why switch? 54.5% were just waiting for DOCOMO to get the iPhone .

I believe there’s a reason that DOCOMO’s executives repeatedly mentioned the threshold of 30% of  iPhone on their network—already a pretty big number.. They know it’s a very attractive handset for many of traditional customers—30% of those surveyed say they got interested in the iPhone because they want to transition away from a non-smartphone.

Some rumors have pointed at a DOCOMO actually expecting the iPhone to weigh up to 40% of its smartphone sales. And if we believe the study, nearly 60% of those wanting to switch will do so before next April.

The iPhone will really be big on DOCOMO.


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