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On October 1, Evernote and NTT DOCOMO launched a campaign offering a one year premium subscription to the cloud service

This is not a new deal per se (it actually dates back to 2010, the same year the company opened its Tokyo bureau), as the two companies have had a similar agreement for smartphones and tablets1. The DOCOMO x Evernote deal is now expanded to the iPhone .

Evernote is extremely successful in Japan. I have been lucky to visit their offices several times and the numbers of books written about them in Japan is just staggering2.

The newly-introduced Evernote Market heavily features Japan, just look at the video (and for those who know her, let’s see how many times you can spot Mika, the marketing director of Evernote Japan).

  1. it is believed that DOCOMO carries the iPad, but no official news is expected before the middle of the month 

  2. more than 40 when I last visited 

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