Tonight, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 JST (Japan standard time), was held the new entry to Tokyo 2.0 series of events in collaboration with Mobile in Japan. Tokyo’s Next Mobile Application Star was discovered after great presentations of four participants in front of a passionate audience & special judges.

Steven Nagata did a great job organizing this wonderful event, in which some celebrities took part. Danny Choo, Noboyuki (Nobi) Hayashi, Hareo Shiiya and Hiroko Tabuchi were the celebrity judges, Hideki Francis Onda was the Moderator of this imposing quest to discover Tokyo’s Next Mobile Application —more information about the panelists.

Tokyo2.0/Mobile in Japan Event: TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR Tokyo2.0/Mobile in Japan Event: TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR

While lots of people were filling the place, the virtual public from around the world did join the event through various channels, from Twitter (hashtags #MiJ and #t2p0). Presentations were kept under 5 minutes each. The goal for the participant was obviously to be able to explain his application and convince the public and the judges of its greatness.

Tokyo2.0/Mobile in Japan Event: TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR

The first application was ふきだしツクール (manga balloon maker) [iTunes link] from Pool Inc., presented by Tomoya Nakamura.
With Manga Balloon Maker, you can add manga-like text balloons to your photographs.

Tokyo2.0/Mobile in Japan Event: TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR

The second application was iPoseable [iTunes link] from Ryuuguu & presented by Grant Morgan.
This application lets you play with 3D articulated models.

Tokyo2.0/Mobile in Japan Event: TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR

The third application, presented by Yoski Akamatsu, was Twitcasting [iTunes] by sidefeed.
TwitCasting Live is a Twitter client which adds a live broadcasting service (both visual and sound streaming).

Tokyo2.0/Mobile in Japan Event: TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR

The fourth & last application was フーフーミントン (Huff Puff Volley) [iTunes link] from ConIT, presented by Tetsuya Imamura
It’s a comical 3d sports game for iPhone. It’s a multiplayer game via bluetooth where you can interact with your character, blowing directly on your iPhone

At the end of the presentations, the public had around 15 minutes to vote for its favorite application, while the online audience was able to cast its poll using twitter.
When the time ran out, votes were counted and Tokyo’s Next Mobile Application Star was finally discovered! Two different prizes were given: the public’s and the judges’. Twitcasting got prize of the public (getting a mysterious prize the name of which cannot be revealed for legal reasons) and Huff Puff Volley got second prize. The first prize granted by the judges, though, went to Huff Puff Volley while the second went to Twitcasting. Funny, isn’t it??

Tokyo2.0/Mobile in Japan Event: TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR

Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times Tokyo journalist, announcing the winner.

Tokyo2.0/Mobile in Japan Event: TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR

The night ended with a glamorous background and a great feeling of achievement for all participants. Not only tech people attended the event, but also journalists, photographers, artists, etc. all coming to discover the Star of the night. Not to forget the cute girls who were cheering up the party.

Tokyo2.0/Mobile in Japan Event: TOKYO’S NEXT MOBILE APP STAR

Special thanks to all the participants who made this event a reality and kudos to all the volunteers.
First and foremost, thanks to Steve Nagata without whom this would have not been possible! Thanks also go to Joseph Tame and his funny D. App videos, Pepi Valderrama for helping to prepare the set, Satoka F for her technical support, Paul Papadimitriou for his transcontinental support from the old continent, and many others that made this a success.

Check for more pictures at Mobile in Japan Flickr group (join and add yours, don’t forget to tag with MiJ)

UPDATE: watch Dr. Appleton’s videos that ran throughout the event.

Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010,  7PM – 10PM
Venue: Super Deluxe, Roppongi.

Entrance: 2,000 yen (includes 2 drink tickets)

Who will be the Star of Japan’s Mobile App scene? Join Tokyo 2.0 as we see the best that Tokyo has to offer!  This event will pit new, unknown developers against each other and against our panel of expert judges to claim the ultimate prize, the title of Tokyo’s Next Mobile App Star!

Four untested but talented developers will each be presenting a new mobile application for considerations.  Each contestant will give a five minute presentation and practical demonstration of their application.  Following each presentation, our panel of celebrity judges will critique each presenter looking at originality, technique, and appeal of the application as well as the quality and effectiveness of the sales pitch/presentation.  Following the presentations, all attendees of the event will be able to vote for the title of Tokyo’s Next Mobile App Star.  Prizes provided by event sponsors will be awarded to the overall winner and the Judges will also award additional prizes for their favorite presenters.

If you are interested in applying, check our application guidelines. Applications

Tokyo2.0 Event: 東京の次のモバイルアプリスター


会費: 2,000円 (ドリンク券2枚付き)

日本のモバイルアプリシーンのスターは誰だ?Tokyo 2.0に来て、一緒に東京のベストを見よ う!このイベントでは、新人無名の開発者たちが互いに闘い、エキスパート審判団とも闘う。目指すは、究極の褒賞、 「東京の次のモバイルアプリスター」の称号だ!

表には出ていないが才能ある4人のディベロッパーがそれぞれ新モバイルアプリケーション を紹介、それらの可能性を探ります。各出場者は5分間のプレゼンを 行うほか、実際にアプリケーションのデモを行います。各プレゼンに続き、アプリケーションのオリジナリ ティー、技術面、アピール度に加え、売り込み方やプ レゼンテーションの質や効果的だったかどうかといった観点から著名な審査員の方々による各プレゼンターの論評が行われま す。また、本イベントの参加者全員 が東京の次世代モバイルアプリケーションの星を決定する投票に参加できます。イベントスポンサー提供の賞が優勝者に贈られるほか、審査員の興 味を引いた出 場者にはその他の賞も贈られます。


UPDATE: read the write-up of the successful event